Alchemy & Elixir Healthy group


v  The universal cure for disease.

v  Discovery of a means of prolonging life.

v  A power or process of transforming some thing into something precious.

v  A medieval chemical science and philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.


v  The essential principal.

v  A sweetened liquid used as a vehicle for medicinal agents.

v  A substance that is believed to cure all ills.

~Webster’s Dictionary

Organic herbs

At Alchemy & Elixir Health Group, we pride ourselves in carrying organic herbs and spices whenever possible. When organic is not available, we then select the next most ethically sourced and wild-harvested ingredients. Our wide range of high quality herbs  are fresh with a vibrant color and characteristic scent. Due to fluctuations with seasonal harvesting and the international market availability, there may be variations with availability of organic or wild harvest botanicals throughout the year.

Our online market place offers the highest quality herbal medicinenutritional supplementsessential oilsbulk herbs and spices, artesian teas, botanical tinctures (prepared from gluten free alcohol) and environmentally friendly products.

 Our wellness clinic and health studio offers unique services to individuals wishing to enhance their vitality and wellbeing.

The quality and integrity of Alchemy and Elixir products and services are an extension of our core principles:

  • Alchemy & Elixir Health Group seeks to educate, empower and support the health of the whole person to achieve a greater balance within the mind, body and spirit.
  • To offer top quality natural health care products, while providing unparalleled customer service, personalized assistance and quality care.
  • To create a sacred space used for empowerment of the individual through knowledge, support, manual therapy and education.
  • To serve and inspire others through movement, consultations, classes, workshops and the written word.
  • To affect life in a huge and positive manner while
  • Respecting the essence and diversity of each individual, mother-nature and of life.

We look forward to playing a role in enhancing your health and wellbeing.



To offer top quality natural health care products and services to individuals focused on attaining and enhancing optimal health, vitality and longevity. 


To empower others to connect with the wisdom of their body, mind and spirit in order to better activate their self-healing capacities and attain the highest state of health possible.