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Osteopathy offers gentle support for temporo-mandibular joint disorders, mobility issues, chronic pain management, headaches, repetitive strain injuries and trauma through a variety of manual osteopathic techniques including cranial osteopathy, mobilization, muscle energy techniques and visceral manipulation as well as support for chronic pain. 

ALINEAR = Spanish tranlation- To Align
Pronunciation: A·LI·NE·AR

OSTEOPATHY = A manual practice emphasizing the treatment of medical disorders through manipulation and massage of the bones, joints and muscles.
Pronunciation: OS·TE·OP·A·THY

osteophaty and pain

Alinear in Spanish translates into the meaning: To Align, which is ‘in alignment’ with the concepts of manual osteopathy, specifically the state of body alignment due to proper positioning or adjustment of parts, all in correct relationship to one another.

katolen yardley

About Katolen

Doctor of Osteopathy (EU) ~ Osteopathic Manual PractitionerMedical Herbalist

Katolen is a Registered Manual Osteopathic Practitioner. She has obtained a degree as Doctor of Osteopathy (EU), along with completion of 1000 additional hours of Osteopathy Clinical Internship which complies with World Health Organization requirements for Osteopathic practitioner training.

Her unique interest in manual osteopathy is with cranial osteopathy and stress related trauma and the role of the fascia in whole body health.

Katolen’s additional training:

  • Upledger Institute: Cranial Sacral Therapy Level 1
  • Upledger Institute: Cranial Sacral Therapy Level 2
  • Barral Institute: Visceral Manipulation Level 1
  • Healing Touch Program: Healing Touch Level 1
  • Healing Touch Program: Healing Touch Level 2
  • Her thesis was written on Fascia Tissue “The Body as One Unit: The Role of Connective Tissue in Whole Body Health”

Since 2000 Katolen has operated a successful western herbal medicine practice in Vancouver and Port Moody, BC and online consultations throughout North America. For more information visit: www.katolenyardley.com and www.alchemyelixir.com

In addition she is:

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An Osteopathic Chronic Pain Clinic

Alinear Osteopathy is a member of The Osteopathic Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada.  It is the largest  privately owned chronic pain clinic throughout the world, with more than 335 clinics in 30 countries including Canada, USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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