This Blog was created by Katolen Yardley, DO (EU), MNIMH, RH (AHG) Doctor of Osteopathy (EU) ~ Manual Osteopathic Practitioner & Medical Herbalist ~ in order to share information about manual osteopathy & discuss philosophies related to the promotion & maintenance of optimal health and injury prevention.

These Blog posts on Manual Osteopathy are provided for educational purposes so individuals can educate themselves on how Osteopathy may assist to:

  • enhance vitality & improve quality of life
  • maintain optimal health through preventative medicine
  • focus on realignment of the physical body structure to enhance optimal function
  • enhance stress management techniques, relaxation & improve peace of mind
  • prevent injuries or sports related re injury through strengthening the body, enhancing mobility of joints tendons & ligaments
  • provide gentle corrections to bones, ligaments and tendons thereby influencing internal structures and underlying tissue health (digestion, respiration)
  • enhance the bodies own self healing processes
  • and directly address the cause of dis-ease, rather than simply taking a band-aid approach to treating symptoms.

This Blog is NOT meant to replace the advice or guidance provided through a clinic consultation with a health care provider but instead holds the intention to expand your vision of optimal health and provide you with the tools to take a personal role in maintaining your health through education and inspiration.

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