What are the benefits of osteopathy?

How can manual osteopathy improve one’s health?

Manual osteopathic therapy may assist the following:

  • Addresses the underlying cause of pain
    • reduces pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.
    • increases range of motion in the joints
    • treats spinal problems related to poor posture or spinal disc injuries
  • Relieves chronic pain through non-invasive treatment
    • decreases stress on the joints
    • reduces tension in the body
    • relieves tension headaches, tmj related issues and migraine headaches
  • Manages stress by
    • raising endurance
    • improving wellbeing
    • increased energy
    • enhanced peace of mind
  • Senior wellness
    • injury prevention
    • drug free pain relief to improve mobility
    • enhance quality of life
  • Helps the body adapt to hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy
  • Reduces scars and adhesions
  • Treats trauma resulting from accidents
    • sports injuries
    • motor vehicle injuries
    • concussion issues, helping to alleviate complications and soft tissue injury from trauma or accidents
  • Health promotion and maintenance
    • a valuable part of a wellness enhancement program
  • Offers goal oriented stretching and exercises to engage the client in their own healing journey
  • Encourages the bodies ability to restore homeostasis and heal itself
    • increases circulation
    • reduces blood pressure
    • stimulation of underlying fluid movement and lymphatic support

Osteopathy is used to address a variety of health issues. If you want to know if Osteopathy is the right treatment for you, email us today and ask about Manual Osteopathy Therapy at Alinear Osteopathy in Vancouver, BC.