What health concerns can manual osteopathy address?

Some health concerns that can benefit from Osteopathic Manual therapy include (but are not limited to):

  • A client suffering from a concussion who has developed disabling migraines.
  • Lack of movement and immobility in seniors can lower flexibility, decrease range of movement and increase the risk of slip and falls.
  • Adhesions after surgery may affect underlying tissue health and function.
  • Poor posture can influence breathing capacity, enhanced vitality and overall wellbeing.
  • Addressing chronic inflammations and injury related to occupational hazards or repetitive movements in ones occupation (painters elbow, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome).
  • Sports injuries (golfers elbow, swimmers knee) or contact sports injuries.
  • Tissue lymphodema (tissue swelling) related to surgery can be minimised through manual therapy and lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • Individuals dealing with type 2 diabetes, for example, are at higher risk of peripheral neuropathy, have slower wound healing time and experience reduced circulation of oxygenated blood to the peripheries; these individuals are in a higher risk category for development of opportunistic foot ulcers, neuropathies, poor healing sores, trauma and possibly more serious health complications. Foot care along with osteopathic manual techniques can play a role in slowing dis-ease progression, improving quality of life and decreasing mortality.
  • A simply fall can change the structural alignment of the body, resulting in bone compression, jarring vertebrae or jamming ribs  –consequently pressing heavily on and possibly restricting blood flow; hindering the movement of clean pure blood in and out of a local region and diminishing motor or sensory nerve supply to areas of specific nerve innervations.
  • Even a simple strain or sprain may impede function of local related structures, this is where the role of the osteopath comes in, a manual osteopathy can locate areas of restriction, treating those areas to free up tissues and underlying structures, enhancing the bodies self healing mechanisms and facilitate greater range of motion and assist in addressing underlying and alleviating possible long term compensations.
  • Lastly, osteopathy can assist with stress management, assisting anxiety and improving the sense of wellbeing.
  • Are you wondering if manual osteopathy can benefit you? Contact our office today to find out more information….

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